Hullbridge Memories and History

Hello !

Hello we are back and hopefully you will get some enjoyment reliving memories.

Regrettably I had to take the site down as I had found images from the site had been copied and were being sold on Ebay. At long last I have found a way to watermark images in batches so I will be gradually bringing back the images and hopefully adding new ones in the days ahead.

The website is about the village of HULLBRIDGE in the County of Essex in England.

I apologise but this site is still being altered, I hope for the better ! If you find any broken links I would appreciate being told so that I can correct them.

Hullbridge has had and still has many colourful and interesting people living there. Many of these people are no longer with us and I feel it would be a real shame if the memory of them is lost in the passing of time.

This website has been published with the hope that people residing or having resided in Hullbridge will help build this site into a historical record about the village by contributing articles containing their memories of times gone by.
You can contribute by sending an email as detailed on the contact page or by using Facebook hyperlink . Click on this icon and you will join other people interested in the village and surrounding area on a forum.
If you think writing your memories is rather daunting or too time consuming, I am more than happy to listen and record what you have to say. You may need a gentle nudge by looking at some of the 100's of photos, I am more than happy to show you what I have been able to collect so far as it has in the past rekindled peoples memories.

I have given a couple of presentations since the website has been going and would be willing to do the same for individuals. All you have to do is just get in touch.

Along with peoples memories I also have a complete list of residents as captured within the Government Census's from 1841-1911, lists of children attending Hullbridge Primary School 1949-71, Some electoral lists and Telephone directories and historical details with photo's of the village.

I would like to dedicate this site to my parents, family, friends and neighbours who I have met during the 50 years that I have lived in the village.

I hope you will find some articles of interest to you and you ENJOY yourselves !

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